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EFOD betting

better opportunities for the less fortunate..
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EFOD betting on

family, individual and community development !!

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EFOD working

with social inclusion.

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Strategic work

Improving the quality of life

Improve the family economy with an organic agriculture; respond to the economic needs of rural families.

Improve product profitability. EFOD like to contribute to overcoming this bottleneck getting a conveyance for the marketing of products.

Promote family happiness, knowing that to increase the incomes of families, not automatically their living conditions improved.

Contribute to improving the quality of life of current and future populations in harmony with nature.

Communities outweigh the short-term demands having local integrated development plans.


Hoping for a better future

"Thanks to the project, now I have put up environments raising my guinea pigs, previously did not know how to raise them, we had it in the kitchen or in the rooms of the house, creating an unhygienic environment."

Pedro Malpartida
Productor Agropecuario

"The project for the support in raising sheep and Corriedale sheep for providing race, change my traditional upbringing by a tech breeding has developed a significant improvement in my breeding and production of sheep in my family."

Godofredo Sandoval
Productor Agropecuario

"It has improved the quality of life of families in my sector and healthy housing, nutrition practices that has occurred with the demonstration sessions, handwashing practices, practice safe water consumption."

Nevertheless if it has achieved my life improvement families.

Lola Hilario
Productor Agropecuario

Equilibrio Ecológico Fuente de Desarrollo

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